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A Study on Scalp Hair Health and Hair Care Practices among Malaysian Medical Students


Scalp care is fundamental since it decides the wellbeing and state of the hair and forestalls the illnesses of scalp and hair. The targets of our review were to connect race and hair.


It was a cross-sectional review wherein approved polls were given to 240 clinical college understudies who had a place with three ethnic races of Malaysia, i.e., Chinese, Malay, and Malaysian Indians after their educated assent.


Generally Chinese and Indians had plush kind of hair while Malay had dry, unpleasant hair. Chinese and Indians shaded their hair and utilized different styling techniques; while among the Malays, this rate was exceptionally less.


Appearance and morphology of the hair is viewed as one of the different characteristics of human populace. Hair has a particular specific physical design. Hair strands comprise of three morphological parts in particular, the fingernail skin, the cortex, and the medulla.

Layers of fingernail skin cells structure the external sheath of the hair fiber and are primarily answerable for the restorative properties of hair. The fingernail skin frames a defensive obstruction for the hair against the outside environment.

Information assortment

Polls were utilized in the review. This survey comprised of 15 close-finished questions which were outlined in light of the targets of our review and remembered inquiries for scalp and hair condition, hair care rehearses, and hairstyling techniques for understudies.

It likewise incorporated understudy’s segment information. The poll was then approved by scholastic workforce and morals panel. This survey was then circulated to the understudies in their homeroom, and they were told to fill in their reactions.

Information examination

Every one of the information which were gotten subsequent to assessing the polls were isolated by the ethnic race and orientation. The secured information were accumulated, coordinated, and investigated by utilizing rate insights.


How Convenience Culture is Ruining Our Lives (And 15 Ways to Reduce It)

Convenience subculture is all round us. We can’t escape it. From the instant we wake up to when we visit bed, convenience is there, trying to suck us in.

For many years, I’ve been a flag bearer for convenience, mainly when it comes to leveraging era to automate our lives.

I now realise, but, that we’ve got grow to be so reliant on convenience that we are not aware about the consequences.

In this submit, I’ll discover the pros and cons of comfort tradition. I’ll additionally proportion 15 easy actions to reduce reliance on comfort and stay a more satisfying and eco-friendly existence.

What is comfort way of life?
Convenience way of life refers to how present day society is increasingly more geared closer to ease and immediate gratification. It has origins in the post-World War II technology, while Americans started to enjoy a period of remarkable prosperity.

This newfound wealth brought about a boom inside the client subculture, as people searched for approaches to simplify and streamline their lives.

Nowadays, comfort culture can be seen as a response to this fast-paced, materialistic life-style. Rather than embracing the traditional values of difficult paintings and thrift, the charm of convenience encourages people to are trying to find out shortcuts.

This shift can be traced to the rise of speedy-food restaurants, power-through services, and prefabricated houses.

And in a world dominated by way of apps and tech corporations, we are able to now order take-out with the clicking of a button, get our groceries delivered to our doorsteps, swipe left to meet the companion of our dreams, and movement movies and TV suggests at any time of day or night time.

Female keeping takeaway coffees cups – an instance of comfort tradition
Everywhere we appearance, there are possibilities for us to shop time and make our lives less complicated. It’s a quite great proposition! Let’s study why we’re all so addicted to comfort in more detail.

The professionals of convenience way of life
In today’s world, convenience is king — which has caused the upward thrust of several businesses that cater to our every whim.

There are actually groups that will stroll your canine, choose up your dry cleaning, or even assemble your Ikea furniture.

While a few human beings see this as a lazy manner of existence, there are a few undeniable blessings.

It’s extra important than ever to make the most of our time. Fortunately, comfort tradition has come to the rescue, offering time-saving products and services.

From frozen food that may be speedy reheated to 24/7 convenience shops that take away the want for planning ahead, we have extra options than ever earlier than to keep time.

Less strain
We’re constantly bombarded with work, circle of relatives, and social needs, and it may be difficult to discover time to relax.

More and extra supermarkets are supplying pre-chopped vegetables that remove the want for slicing at domestic.

Or, you could now store for sustainable garb online to your specific sizing with out trawling via local stores, which possibly don’t have what you’re looking for anyway.

Better products and services
Another benefit of a convenience culture is that it frequently leads to better excellent services and products that save us time and trouble. This is because companies recognise they need to compete on convenience to continue to exist.

Consider the online courting industry. In the beyond, people often needed to rely upon buddies and circle of relatives members to set them up on blind dates. Thanks to dating apps and websites, we can quick and without problems connect with capacity partners who share our pastimes and values.

Similarly, self-riding vehicles represent the modern-day improvement in a protracted records of comfort-oriented transportation innovations, from the first cars with computerized transmissions to journey-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft.

And, of route, we will have something we want to be added to our doorsteps with just a few clicks. And companies are responding through providing faster transport times and extra flexible return policies.

The quick video beneath encapsulates how we anticipate more convenience from organizations at unheard of levels.


Top Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online in India

Making money on-line is becoming an increasing number of popular in India. Not handiest does it provide a supply of income, but it additionally lets in for flexibility and the capability to make money working from home.

One of the advantages to make money online in India is access to the global market. With the rise of the internet, it’s miles easier than ever earlier than to connect to human beings all around the global.

And as an individual, you may take gain of this no longer only for amusement but to boom your earning potential. With over 13000+ far off process postings it is able to definitely be stated that online work opportunities are gaining momentum.

Now you ought to be questioning, what are the ones methods to make cash on-line from home?

To solution your query right here is the list of top on-line ways to make cash online in India. But earlier than that allow’s understand why is it crucial to earn online in nowadays’s time.

Importance of Make Money Online in India
1. Work Flexibility
Work flexibility is with none doubt the most vital component to work and make money online in India. When you work on-line you have the choice to work as consistent with your schedule.

You can supply as many hours of a day and as many days of every week as you want. This form of running flexibility isn’t viable in a normal 9-five activity where you need to clock in and out as in line with the time constant by means of the organization.

2. Better Work-Life Balance
When you’re making money online from domestic you’re capable of supply greater time and interest to your circle of relatives and private life.

This now not only works within the favour of running women however guys too, who pass over out on important moments with their families to work. With online paintings possibilities, you may stability the way you spend some time on own family and paintings.

3. Limitless Earning Potential
After the query of a way to make cash online in India ? Next comes the question of how a whole lot cash can I make online. The solution is, limitless. Yes, with hundreds and lots of opportunities waiting you can earn as plenty cash as you need; if you own the right capabilities.

4. Generate Passive Income
Who stated you have to keep operating to earn money. If you know proper methods to make cash on-line in India, you can generate suitable quantity of passive profits. Passive income is the source of income which keeps paying you even while you are not running actively. You just want to invest time and capabilities as soon as and after that hold incomes for lifetime.

5. Live Your Dream Life
The end goal of working is earning enough money to live lifestyles to your very own terms, and not anything is better than doing so from the comfort of your home. With on-line earning you could achieve this, you could earn your dream life by means of just giving a few hours of your day. Top 20 Ways to Make Money Online in India

1. Freelancing
Freelancing is the very first option that comes to mind while someone talks about running online, and the cause is quite obvious because freelancing is so a hit. Freelancing method presenting your knowledge and capabilities to those who want them to remedy their troubles. These talents can be anything, it could be content writing, editing, proofreading or copywriting. Using these capabilities, you could numerous national and worldwide clients and might make cash online in India with no trouble.

Steps To Get Started
Recognize the abilties you have got and are interest to offer carrier for.
Practice and create professional portfolio for this or of any previous work.
Register your self on the freelancing websites like Freelancer.Com, UpWork, Fiverrr and so forth.
Find the freelancing gigs which suits your talents and will pay decently.
Quote your rate and pick the paintings from consumer
Once completed, put up the work and receives a commission.

A Beginner’s Guide on How to Become a Freelancer
15+ Best Freelance Marketplaces and Platform in 2023

2. Affiliate Marketing
This is the second maximum preferred and famous way to make cash on line from domestic. In associate advertising you figure as a digital store for different human beings, just the difference is you don’t need to inventory the products. As an affiliate marketer, you may be selling the products of your preferred groups and with each buy crafted from your advertising and marketing, you will get a commission. Some of the maximum popular affiliate advertising and marketing applications in India are run by using Amazon and Flipkart. You can emerge as their affiliate and start earning.

Steps To Get Started
Select the niche for that you need to affiliate
Register your self in any affiliate application and get skilled
After education, you’ll acquire associate links of your preferred merchandise
Start selling your products through Social Media and Blogging
Once customers start buying thru your associate hyperlink you will start incomes
Read about Affiliate Marketing in India- Best Guide for Beginners.

3. Online Tutoring
If you possess understanding in sure difficulty and are wondering a way to make money on-line in India thru this knowledge, then online tutoring is the answer.

The time has long past when tutors and inexperienced persons have to be head to head, for teaching and studying. Today, when you have understanding, a cellphone/ computer and a solid internet connection then you could begin tutoring college students online.

One exceptional possibility to train college students and make money on line in India is becoming Chegg Subject Matter Expert.

As Chegg’s Expert, you’ll be using your subject knowledge to answer the questions asked by means of students on the platform. You will be answering the published questions and for each correct answer, you will receives a commission. With 20+ topics to choose from, you could effortlessly become the professional of the subject of your preference and start incomes on-line.

Steps To Get Started
Sharpen your issue rely knowledge and start trying to find tutoring platforms
Register your self on the net tutoring platform and submit your topics
Once you move live you will start finding many college students, quote them your fee
After they’ve confirmed and both the events have discussed the schedule; start teaching online
At the quit of each month receives a commission
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4. Data Entry
Every corporation needs to keep information of their each transaction, enterprise dealing, profits, expenditure and mortgage and so on. Often this challenge is finished by using the data entry operator because senior accountants are other tasks to do.

If you are someone who is good at working computers and knows about retaining accounts then you may without problems make cash online in India, thru statistics entry jobs. And the great part about information entry jobs is that they don’t require you to work the entire day, simply three-4 hours a day and you could earn a hard and fast monthly income.